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Meet Reiko ...

Reiko Nakayama has been a Feng Shui consultant and teacher since 1997. She has taken advanced training in Feng Shui from Helen and James Jay and Seann Xenja, all of whom have studied with Master Lin Yun, authority on Black Hat sect Feng Shui. In April 2008, Reiko attended a two day seminar on Feng Shui taught by Master Lin Yun. She is focused on her clients, listens to their concerns and recommends appropriate Feng Shui adjustments.

Thank you so much for your consultation. I really appreciate the blending of theory and the specific corrections, plus your kind and generous way of expressing them.
-- L.C.; Oakland, CA

As a student of Aikido (Japanese martial art based upon redirecting Ki or Chi), Reiko has spent over fifteen years working with Chi, refining her ability to sense energy flow and redirecting it. She believes that you must arrange your environment to achieve the highest and best result within each aspect of life.

I had not realized what a burden our constant financial struggle was placing on other parts of our lives until that burden was lifted... the Feng Shui changes we've made have been small but terribly significant. I can't wait to see where life takes us in the future as our knowledge grows and our home's energy flow continues to improve. Thank you, Reiko.
-- S. M.; San Jose, CA

Reiko earned a B.A. degree from Stanford University, an MBA from California State University, and is a Certified Public Accountant (inactive). She holds the rank of Nidan, black belt, second degree in Aikido. She enjoys hiking, camping, bicycling and snorkeling. Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawai'i, she resides in Campbell, California near San Jose. Besides serving the San Francisco Bay Area, Reiko offers Feng Shui consultations and classes in Honolulu, Hawaii several times a year.

Reiko came to my office and walked me through the process of Feng Shui to enhance business and create the most healing environment possible for myself as well as my patients. Business has improved plus the office space receives many compliments of being very peaceful and a healing space to be in. I am so grateful for the changes I have made and know that Feng Shui by Reiko made a difference in my practice and its success. Thank you so much!
-- Jacquelyn Lorell, L. Ac.; Campbell, CA


Reiko Nakayama
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